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You Get What You Cee

My name is Ciarra. Enjoy.

5 Things About Me

I was tagged by recklessramsey & the-blackdaria

1. I secretly really wanted to be tagged in one of these, yet I still don’t know 5 things about me.

2. I slid in someone’s DMs the other day. I regret nothing.

3. My phone is never charged. Especially when I’m going to an event. I kinda like it though cause it allows me to enjoy myself more.

4. I enjoy just being there for people that I care about. I just love being in the presence of love. I’m always down to ride. I’m the true definition of a ride or die.

5. I feel like a push over most days. I need to start protecting my energy better. Against everyone.

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since its so late im going all out with the freaky questions lol if you had to choose, where would you prefer your dude to cum? mouth, face, ass, tits, other or all of the above?







I would prefer he come with me into the kingdom of heaven, where everyday is Sunday, and sabbath hath no end. Hallelujah!


You better say that!



Praise Gawd!
And then after service, I just tell bae, “nowhere near my eyes.”

I already have an astigmatism & wear glasses, I don’t need pink eye too.



It got better.